Your partner in contract Bar Manufacturing

Launching a nutrition bar brand can sometimes be a daunting task, especially if you are new to the food industry. Below, we have collected a library of resources to help guide you through the successful launch of your new energy bar company. If you would like to discuss your manufacturing project, please email or call us at 888-411-3536.

Overview of the manufacturing Process

There are 2 main ways to manufacture nutrition bars at scale: slab and extrusion.
The manufacturing technique that is appropriate for your bar usually depends on the texture of your specific recipe.

Wholesale Customer Costs

Learn more about cost per bar.

Recipe Development

Do you have an idea for a bar but don’t know where to start on the recipe?
Through a consulting agreement, we can help create a unique formulation for your bar.


UPC or Universal Product Code is the bar code (and associated 12 digit number) that you see on most packaged goods in stores. Find out why you may or may not need this code and how to get your own unique UPC.

Ingredient Requirement

At Element Bars, we stock ingredients from Goji Berries to Prunes. Some recipes may include non-stocked ingredients and in order for us to use them, they must meet certain food safety requirements.


Do you want your bar to be certified Gluten Free? Are you looking to make a certified Organic protein bar? Find out what certifications you might need and find out why a Good Manufacturing Practices Audit (GMP audit) provided by your contract bar manufacturer can help you sell to retail outlets.

Packing Options - Wrappers

Different types of wrappers are printed by different methods, resulting in different minimum order quantities. Find out the appropriate wrapper options given your specific design and order requirements.

Packing Options - Boxes

The glossy boxes you find in a retail store are called Point of Sale (POS) boxes and the boxes you receive in the mail are called corrugated. Depending on how you sell your product, find out which boxes are appropriate for your bar.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is affected by your packaging material and ingredients in your recipe.
Find out how you can test the shelf life of your bar so you can feel confident in a best buy date.

Graphic Design Label Requirements

Use our convenient label and plastic film templates to layout your design and graphics for your packaging.

FDA Label Requirements

Find out what information is required on your (nutrition) granola bar packaging and what information is optional.