Your barOur Philosophy

Our philosophy is element-ary: different people have different tastes & different nutritional needs. We aim to meet them by providing a place to create your very own custom whole food bar. At Element Bars we encourage you to Create Your Perfect Bar!

Here's What it Means

  • You choose your ingredients on our Build-a-Bar page
  • You name your bars
  • We craft them by hand, bake them and box them
  • We mail freshly baked bars to your doorstep

Our Ingredients

You want to know what you are putting into your body. Here at Element Bars you will always know what ingredients make up your bar. The ingredients in your bar are always all-natural and sourced locally whenever possible. These are ingredients you can find in your pantry. More importantly, they are ingredients you can

We work directly with the growers of these delicious & nutritious ingredients. Put any honey in your bar? That honey was personally delivered by the owner of a honey bee farm in Southern Illinois.

We take great pride in honoring the integrity of these ingredients and treating them with the respect they deserve. Mother Nature has spoken and we have listened. We’re keeping these ingredients the way they’re supposed to be, REAL!