What Our Happy Customers Have to Say About Us!

  • MapricoM Blast

    About this time last year, I decided to make some serious lifestyle changes with a goal of becoming a healthier person. Since then, I have had one of your bars every morning for breakfast and occasionally for lunch as well. They have been very instrumental in my lifestyle change and have helped me drop about 20 lbs. over the past year. As a cardiologist I wanted a heart healthy bar (flax seeds) with some protein, in that I am doing a lot of weight training exercises. MapricoM Blast was my second creation, first was the Choco Cherry Heart. The name came from the combination of apricots and the Sundrops (M&Ms), plus the energy burst (blast) I get from the bars before I do my workout in the morning. Thank you for writing us and I am glad you liked MapricoM Blast. Sarah and I have really enjoyed your bars and I think your concept is ingenious.

    Jacob customer for over 2 years

  • Marnie's Bar

    The Marnie bars are very tasty and fresh, thank you. They were provided by a friend of mine who knew about them for my b'day...this is how I discovered them. A very thoughtful and healthy gift from a very thoughtful friend!

    Marnie customer for over 1 year

  • Dylan's Stroll Bar :)

    Dylan is my 2-year-old son. He always eats protein bars in his stroller. He's not a great eater but when he's outside strolling along in beautiful Santa Monica, CA, he seems to forget to complain and he'll actually eat tasty things. So I thought if this bar turns out to be tasty and as healthy as it seems, [and] the wrapper actually has Dylan's name printed, it may be that much more appealing and perhaps even become a mainstay. Best,

    Danacustomer for over 1 year

  • Gilmore bar

    Our first baby is due in a few weeks and I thought it would be nice to have the bars available to take to the hospital (so I can eat as little hospital food as possible) and to have at home. Healthy grab and eat options will be nice to have around the house!

    Amy customer since 02/2011

  • Chocolate Cherry, Datey Divine, Simply Cranberry

    I am a massage therapist and one of my clients brought me in a sample and I fell in love with them, both the taste and also the ingredients! You know what a challenge trying to eat healthfully can be, so I am always on the lookout for something, especially something quick and easy as I am a busy woman!! So thank you for making such great tasting, healthy bars!!

    Lisa customer since 03/2010

  • Hess Family Bars

    We just got our bars....they are great! Our children love having our name on the bars and we will definitely order again!!!! What a great business! Thank you!

    Mary customer since 04/2010

  • The LOHMUL Bar

    The delivery was superb! Made it on time with a few days to spare (it was a gift to my athlete boyfriend who was going away for a tournament) he and I both loved the bars. Taste-wise, he said it could have been slightly sweeter, but I thought it was perfect. Packaging-wise, he was super thrilled about how professional the bars looked, with the nutritional information all present etc. As for me, I would have liked to pick a color scheme/ customize the design on the front of the bar - but otherwise, I thought it looked very good... Thanks once again for sending them on time :)

    Yan customer since 03/2011

  • howard's bar

    When my wife mentioned that you could design your own power bar on-line that was a "wow" kind of thing for me. Took me a month or so but finally got around to ordering on-line from you. I work long hours as a lawyer and like to do long jogs on the weekend. Typically I had purchased Clif bars, crunchy peanut butter, apricot, blueberry and if not then Lara Bars, lemon, ginger. I am used to the chewiness and flavors of Clif Bars, which also seem very filling. Lara Bars have some different flavors, less filling, but less calories. I very much enjoy the Element Bar. I do not know if the "Howard Bar" is the final creation but do intend on trying again after I finish up the last order.

    Howard customer for 1 years

  • I heard from my sister about your website. I purchased because I have always wanted to be able to design my "perfect" bar with minimal sugar, natural ingredients, and high protein. I have yet to find one in the stores that can get that perfect combination.

    Julie customer for 2 years

  • I had been paying a lot for Kind Bars and Cliff Bars but your fresher ingredients and larger portions set you apart. Rock on!

    Ron customer for 3 months

  • Grandma Grace's Bar

    Hi ...Just wanted to share an Element Bar "success story". I recently hosted a Stag Party for 65 men and used the "Build your bar" option to design hostess gifts for all the guys. They left the party with two different bars to munch on for their ride home. It was a great form of "nutrition" following a night of celebrations!! Thanks were heard from all!! As my grandpa always said "If you manage to improve just one stag party, well then, well then it's all been worth it.

    Rob customer since 03/2010